The Boy From Pluto

Bonnie Kittle, Unspalsh

The boy?

He talks to himself whenever he visits his favorite cave. The cave lives in his brain. And a lot of demons live in the cave. One is called Ruhpyl. Don’t even try to pronounce this name because even the boy can’t. It’s a short code for “Remember you have promised your lord.”

He talks to this demon whenever he’s tempted to commit some sin. Perhaps the ones he’d promised not to commit again. For instance, the boy promised not to lie again. He also promised not to deceive girls with his poems again. Ruhpyl, a descent demon keeps him on check.

There’s this demon the boy loves so much. Apparently his favorite one. The demon’s 1,000 pound and very ugly. And he loves to eat. The boy loves him because he doesn’t eat in the day; he eats between 11pm and 3:00 AM. When he’s done eating at exactly 3:00 AM, he’d go wake the boy. And the boy has always wanted to wake by 3:00 AM but most times, he couldn’t help hitting the snooze. So, when dante came, they became good friends. Dante would not stop crying until the boy wakes.

The boy, he has many names. But he’s known by one, by people who do not know him. And because, I’m the boy, he’s known as Abbas.

I’m the boy and I’m the creator of the boy. I’m the story in this story. Except that I’m more powerful than the boy in this story:

I can make dante sit on the boy and suffocate him to death. Or I can make a big trailer hit him in his dream and he’d die. Perhaps I can make him be a world famous Basketball player who earns millions of dollars. I can make him anything because it’s my story and I’m the one writing it.

Apparently, we are all characters in a novel. The writer can make anyone die. He can make anyone live. A slave can become king. A prostitute can be made to paradise. A crazy psycho can win a billion-dollar lottery — All as imagined by the writer.

Isn’t that what God does?

He made some people to be born in Brazil and some in Singapore and some in Nigeria… according to… (how he pleases). He made some people blind and talented and loved. He made some people geniuses and made some ass holes with maggot brains. It’s His story…

And there’s nothing ‘pleasureful’ than writing a story, creating characters, causing havoc and creating heroes and devils.

Right now I’m feeling like a god because I can make my character do anything, be anything and you, the reader, lives in the character I create.

Because I’m just as crazy as the character I’m creating in this story, here’s what “The boy” did on the Christmas of 2005:

In his planet, they don’t eat veg. they don’t eat meat too. Not even grain nor water. No they don’t. They feed on some substance that look like palm oil. Except that its greenish in color …

Now let’s get to reality. Let’s talk about you and how you’ve lived in the past decades, perhaps in the last (small) years.

Here’s something you should reason:

Our lives are on-going stories.

It may be correct that God created the character (we), but then he leaves us to progress with the story. He created the canvas empty and says unto man — Paint.

Just as I left blank what my character did on the Christmas of 2005. I’m telling you to fill it up.

Jump from a building and your story ends — the way you wanted it, perhaps.

Kiss a girl in public and you successfully created a story of a crazy fellow who’s shameless. Few people would appreciate such narration, but it may sound sweet to your reading.

We are all storytellers, telling our stories uniquely.

Jack Ma was rejected from Harvard 10 times. All (24) of his friends called him crazy when he tried selling the idea of Alibaba to them. When he and 25 others applied for a police Job, only him was rejected. That was his story. It is also in his story that he’s the wealthiest man in China.

Elon Musk slept in office in his early days. He devised several strategies to stay motivated and productive. That was his story. Also embedded in his story is Tesla and SpaceX.

There are lots of stories. Stories of triumphs, of successes, of suicides and of diseases…

What story are you crafting with your life?

Whenever you read about a character in a story or you create one in your book, remember that you’re one big character.

As you read how they created air from vacuum and molded million mice from molts, remember that you’re one big character.

One character in a book of life.

Right now you’re reading a story. What would you write that you did next?




'Nothing's impossible for the man who refuses to listen to reasons.'

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Abbas A.

Abbas A.

'Nothing's impossible for the man who refuses to listen to reasons.'

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