Write About A Character Whose Intuition is Always Right, Until One Day — And Win $250

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Reedsy puts out exciting writing prompts every week of every month (of every year). Their prompts are usually fun and let writers flex their writing muscles with style, anyhow they want to. This week’s prompt is all about ‘Gut Feeling.’

Now, Merriam Webster defined gut as

Arising from one’s inmost self.

Guts lets you do, trust, or distrust something even when the odds aren’t in your favour.

Gut is you taking a path that is not exactly clear, but you trust something — your gut, that it is all right.

We all have guts. It helps us make decisions when there isn’t much data. Sometimes it leads us wrongly. Sometimes, not.

This week writing prompts at Reedsy is on various topics relating to guts

This week’s prompts are all about intuition, and the strange way we sometimes know what to do without understanding how we know it. Whether you believe intuition is a sign sent from the universe, or the workings of your own subconscious, it’s time to trust your creative instincts and get writing for the very first contest of 2022. Happy New Year! — Reedsy

There are five prompts you can choose from, here are they:

  1. Write about a character whose intuition is always right — until one day it isn’t.
  2. Begin your story with a character having a gut feeling they cannot explain.
  3. Write a story about a problem with no good solutions.
  4. Write about a character learning to trust their intuition.
  5. Your character makes a living faking psychic powers. One morning, they wake up with real ones.

The winner goes home with $250.

See Prompts here

Best of luck!




'Nothing's impossible for the man who refuses to listen to reasons.'

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Abbas A.

Abbas A.

'Nothing's impossible for the man who refuses to listen to reasons.'

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